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2009년 2월 25일 수요일

New Microblog service, named JJaku

DelineJY is preparing for now. JJaku is almost ready to open Beta service.
It is a Microblog but it’s using brand new process of Group networking.
INCS (Inverse Creating Networking System) is the process. We first got the idea from and

SNS including Twitter, all need to make Follower or Following. At JJaku, you become a Follower and Following with everyone from the beginning. As for this business model, the first step is what we called Group based. Which means you should choose certain group when you register and everyone in that group will Following you and you will become a Follower of them automatically as soon as you register and choose a group. For example, if you choose your group as Sports group when you first register at JJaku, everyone who register in Sports group will view your post and you will also view their post too.

If you receive any advertising that you don’t want to receive or if there’s someone you don’t want to socialize with than you are able to block that member. Once you block the member, you will not receive their post anymore. And your post will be unable to view from them. Of course nobody will know who blocked them and I will also never know who blocked me.

We evaluate each posting how valuable that post is. If my post was valuable to many other people, I will get favorite point. If I get more favorite points, it means I am a member who posts many valuable postings. On the other hand it’s like you have a lot of Followers on Twitter.
We think each post should get their own values.

Users will create their own network from that basis. Anyway microblog is where people network more casually with simple and daily posts rather than something private.

You will receive everyone’s post and your post will send to everyone in your group. It is your opportunity to become popular member by posting valuable posts and create large network of your own by blocking someone and you been blocked.
Why don’t you try it yourself at the beta test? Try how JJaku is so effective and easy to create your own network so simply! will start the beta test on 2009. Mar. 02. We are not sure what US market will say about it. But we are proud to our self that we are still keep on trying launching our product in US market. Our success will remain as a one great case if we success. Even if we fail, it will be still become a great lesson.

2009년 2월 10일 화요일

Crumbling walls

 Boundaries are hardly there between web service types. Our office is very quiet because we recently discovered Tumblr, which is almost identical to the fully developed version of Plugat. How did we miss Tumblr? Our approach to Plugat was from bookmarks. However, Tumblr approached to the same type of service as a simplified blog. While we were searching for evolved bookmarks, Tumblr was providing the same service with 'blog' written on its title. Next generation bookmarks and simplified blogs turned out to be the same thing..

2009년 2월 2일 월요일

2009년 1월 30일 금요일

Social networking + a purpose.

What a boom social networking had created. The impact of MySpace and Facebook was enormous and the ways of using them were countless. Not only did individuals use the services, but also businesses took great advantage of them.

And now, social networking is everywhere. Whether it's a photo service, video service, or a web bookmark, users are given the ability to communicate and discuss with others. At this point, a website that requires registration, but has no social networking feature look like black and white television (unless it's a banking or similar service of course).

To join the social networking business at current stage, a service would need more than just social networking features. Just sending messages and visiting profiles are not enough to keep users coming back. As a good example, I hardly ever visit Facebook anymore but go to MySpace, Flickr, and Plugat (besides work purposes) everyday. Because I produce music (occasionally) and love photography, I visit MySpace and Flickr to keep up with what other people similar to me are doing. My bookmarks and favorite web contents are collected at Plugat so I have to access it for my convenience. However, Facebook doesn't really provide a purpose for visit anymore. It was a great service to find friends that I had lost contact with, but now I've found most of them and communicate through Google Talk. So the only time I visit Facebook is when my friends tell me about events that they had gone through and I want to see the pictures. This happens once in about two weeks.

A purpose for users to visit is an essential factor in web service as well as the social networking feature. With either one absent, the service will have a hard time. For users, everything is getting easier and more enjoyable. But for developers...

2009년 1월 27일 화요일

DelineJY Inc.'s brand new social bookmarking service 'Plugat' beta launched.

Seoul (Korea Newswire) January 28, 2009 09:27 AM -- DelineJY Inc Korean corporation has announced on Jan. 27. they released beta version management and sharing based new social bookmarking service on Jan. 28.

Plugat estimated based on the fact that Yahoo's Delicious has leading the based social book marking service market but without any big improvement, they focused to developed easier, user friendly and simple to share. Managing folder and they added core function which is bookmarking service include pictures, video clips and any files.

Plugat will be launching officially in USA on Feb. 16. They will announce their launching with their partners in USA. Service will be in English and Spanish, Japanese and Chinese will be added by this year.

DelineJY Inc's CEO Jason Yang said, "As for World Internet tendency to produce more and more web contents, users will have difficulties of see and manage contents as the quantity of contents will increase. They will need services to manage efficiently then exist bookmarking service. To be a bookmarking like this, not only for website address, it should be all-in-one system to manage all kinds of pictures and video clips therefore we developed"

Also DelineJY Inc's CTO Jack Son focused to developed control system to unified various contents on the web to plugat+. Controlling and moving view and bookmarking system in one page is Plugat+'s competitive.

2009년 1월 24일 토요일

Finally! Finally!

Finally! Finally! We have completed our Plugat beta version!I am so glad to show it to the world in one piece even though we had to spend 26 hours straight.

Plugat is a beta version, it is launched with essential features preferentially.Search engine. toolbar, Plugat ranking system and mobile APPS will be developed and launched within 3 months and open to world.

Plugat is based on a Book marking model however it is far more innovated model than that, It is a service that can manage and share my Internet contents more effectively and conveniently.If you are a user who were having trouble or problem and inconvenience to use blogs, you will be very satisfy with the service.You won't be pressured by writing a column ans you will enjoy chat and share with people in the world.l keep on posting about more details at my blog. so Meanwhile I will open episodes and technical part at the company.So please pay attention to my story and enjoy it with us.Thanks.

Kristy Yoon

2009년 1월 22일 목요일

What should we call Plugat's service?

We're correcting bugs in Plugat and it will be up within a week.
But we don't have a name for its service yet.
Social bookmark was what we used up until now but the social bookmarking feature is just one of Plugat's features. I guess something more like 'social content box' would better describe Plugat.